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What is the Best Method for
Drug Testing in the Workplace?

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It depends on your goal, but whether you’re looking to hire a new employee or drug test a group after an accident at a jobsite, Saliva is taking over the nation because of it’s convenience, detection window, and money savings.

Do you Send Someone
Out to Get Drug Tested?

Commonly around the country companies send out employees to go and get drug tested at different locations. 
The cost for this process include: The test itself, the employee’s hourly wage during the process, mileage reimbursement, time not being used for work by the employee (av. of 2 hours), and the time their out while waiting for the results.
The cost for the EZ Saliva Drug testing process: the cost of the test and 15 minutes of employee time
With the EZ Saliva kits, whenever someone needs to be drug tested you can call them over, administer the tests in 5 minutes, and get them right back to work. Construction site, office, or the warehouse, this test can be administered wherever your people are. We don’t send people to get drug tested, we send the drug test to the people. Drug testing will never be easier!

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