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The EZ Saliva Roadside Drug Test marks a major leap forward in law enforcement capabilities, enabling officers to quickly and effectively assess driver impairment due to substance use right at the roadside. This innovative tool bypasses the need for traditional lab processing and invasive testing methods, providing rapid, accurate results that help maintain road safety.

With its simple and fast application, the test uses a small saliva sample to detect various drugs within minutes. This swift process allows for immediate, on-the-spot decisions regarding a driver’s impairment, critical in preventing accidents and enhancing road safety. Its non-invasive nature also encourages compliance and minimizes discomfort, making it suitable for various settings, from routine traffic stops to accident scenes.

Moreover, the EZ Saliva Roadside Drug Test is designed to be tamper-resistant, preserving the integrity of the sample and ensuring reliable results. This feature is crucial for maintaining the legal chain of custody and supports the accuracy needed in judicial outcomes. As such, this device is not just a new tool but a game-changer in efforts to secure safer driving conditions.

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At PCNT Inc., we specialize in innovative health solutions, particularly in drug testing technologies. Our flagship product, the EZ Saliva-I, is the world’s fastest and most hygienic saliva-based rapid drug screen, collecting samples in 30 seconds and delivering results in 5 minutes. We also offer the EZ Saliva-II, the only saliva-based split-sample drug test that allows for instant results and lab confirmation from a single sample.

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Watch our quick demonstration video to see our saliva-based DUI testing technology in action! Discover how easy and efficient it is to use, offering rapid results that contribute to safer roads. Click play now and see the future of roadside testing.

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At PCNT Inc., we are dedicated to harnessing the power of cutting-edge biotechnology to enhance public health and personalized healthcare services. Our commitment extends beyond merely offering products; we aim to innovate and provide solutions that have a tangible, positive impact on communities and families. Through strategic research and development, we create technologies that not only meet current health demands but also anticipate future challenges, ensuring that communities are equipped with the best tools to maintain and improve their health standards.

PCNT Inc.’s mission is to deploy proven biotechnology that strengthens the overall health and personalized healthcare within our communities and families. This mission drives every aspect of our operations, from the lab to the marketplace. By focusing on biotechnological advancements, we are able to offer precise, effective, and accessible health solutions that cater to the unique needs of individuals. Our approach combines scientific rigor with a deep understanding of the healthcare needs of diverse populations, enabling us to contribute meaningfully to the well-being of people around the globe.

Our vision for the future is built on the foundation of this mission, aiming to create a world where every community has access to advanced healthcare technologies. We believe that by empowering healthcare providers with innovative tools and technologies, we can significantly improve health outcomes and foster a healthier, more resilient society. PCNT Inc. continues to pursue partnerships and collaborations that will drive forward our goals, ensuring that our biotechnological solutions reach those who need them most, thereby fulfilling our commitment to enhancing global health standards.

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