Optimizing Law Enforcement DUI testing with the EZ Saliva II

In the realm of law enforcement, the efficiency and accuracy of drug testing are crucial. Currently, officers face significant challenges, including lengthy wait times for chemical tests, logistical hurdles in conducting blood tests, and the potential for delayed evidence impacting legal outcomes. Keele Med’s EZ Saliva II is here to change that narrative.

The Challenge: Time Delays and Inefficiencies

Law enforcement agencies have long grappled with the delays in chemical testing. Traditional methods can take up to a week to yield results, causing setbacks in legal proceedings. In cases where individuals get to court before test results are available, crucial evidence is often missing, leading to difficulties in securing convictions.

Furthermore, the process of conducting blood tests is both time-consuming and resource-intensive. Officers often spend 2-3 hours transporting suspects to hospitals or waiting for third-party collectors, during which drug levels can decrease, weakening the evidence of impairment at the time of arrest.

The EZ Saliva Solution

Enter the EZ Saliva II – a game-changer in roadside drug testing for law enforcement. Here’s how we’re addressing these challenges:

  • Network of Forensic Labs: Our cutting-edge saliva test provides results within minutes to support arrests, and our forensic laboratories result out the tests within 3-4 days allowing it to be used as evidence in court even in rushed cases. This ensures that justice is not hindered by testing lag times.
  • Simplifying the Process: Gone are the days of long trips to the hospital or waiting hours for third-party testing. The EZ Saliva II can be administered right at the roadside, capturing drug levels closer to the time of arrest for more accurate representation of impairment.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Our solution significantly reduces the overall cost and time associated with traditional drug testing methods. This efficiency not only benefits the law enforcement agencies but also contributes to more time for officers to be patrolling our streets.

Impact on Law Enforcement and Public Safety

The adoption of the EZ Saliva II by law enforcement agencies represents a significant step forward in public safety. By providing quick and accurate testing results, we are empowering officers to make informed decisions and strengthen cases against drug-impaired driving.


The challenges faced by law enforcement in drug testing are quietly significant and with the introduction of the EZ Saliva II, we are ushering in a new era of efficiency and reliability. This innovation is more than just a tool – it’s a commitment to supporting law enforcement in their vital role of keeping our roads safe.

Stay tuned for more updates on how Keele Med is transforming drug testing in law enforcement.


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