What is the EZ Saliva Test
and How Does it Help Me?

AAA Oral Fluid Handout

AAA researched flyer that shows a map of the states that have included Saliva or Oral Fluid into their Implied Consent law along with the others that still need to add that specific verbiage in their code.

Drug Strip List For Custom Orders

A full list of the drug strips available for our preliminary tests. Custom orders require a minimum purchase of 100 tests.

EZ Solution and Collection Study

A third party lab study performed on our proprietary liquid and swabs, demonstrating the groundbreaking performance of our mouth rinse/buffer solution. We'll be publishing this soon in a journal of Toxicology.

Analytes Tested in Saliva- WS

A list of the 96-analyte drug panel that an be performed by one of our partner labs, Western Slopes Laboratories.

Detection of Drugs in Simultaneously Collected Samples of Oral Fluid and Blood

A study performed that demonstrates the correlation between Saliva and Blood drug testing.

SAMHSA Saliva Approval

The full SAMSHA guidelines and regulatory changes that include the addition of Saliva based testing for the first time in Federal Government history.

EZ Saliva Verify Product Resource

The EZ Saliva Verify Product Insert includes the drug strips along with their cutoff levels, the instructions for use, along with additional data regarding the EZ Saliva Verify device.

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