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At Keele Medical, we specialize in innovative health solutions, particularly in drug testing technologies. Our flagship product, the EZ Saliva-I, is the world’s fastest and most hygienic saliva-based rapid drug screen, collecting samples in 30 seconds and delivering results in 5 minutes. We also offer the EZ Saliva-II, the only saliva-based split-sample drug test that allows for instant results and lab confirmation from a single sample.

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Revolutionize roadside DUI testing with our new saliva-based technology. Save time and lives with rapid, accurate results that make our roads safer. Request your free sample now.

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Watch our quick demonstration video to see our saliva-based DUI testing technology in action! Discover how easy and efficient it is to use, offering rapid results that contribute to safer roads. Click play now and see the future of roadside testing.

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