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Molecular Testing

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What is PCR Molecular Testing?

PCR Molecular testing is the next evolution to the testing industry. These tests get results typically 2-3x faster than traditional culturing along with a much higher accuracy. Keele Medical is uniquely positioned in the Testing industry because of our contracts with dozens of different labs across the country. Because of this, we have access to over 20 different PCR Molecular tests that help our patients discover the root cause of their infection, disease, or illness. 

PCR Molecular testing, also known as Polymerase Chain Reaction, is a method of testing on a molecular level that identifies if a specific genetic sequence of RNA and DNA is present. By using this method, healthcare facilities have been able to find the root cause of the infected area and as a result are able to treat the patient with a specific antibiotic designed to kill the invading virus.

Personal Protective Equipment

We have access to a variety of different Personal Protection Equipment used in healthcare facilities. Because of our connections in the healthcare industry we have access to dozens of different factories and distributors across the globe for products such as; Surgical masks, KN95 masks, N95 masks, gloves, gowns, digital thermometers and more. Because of the volatility of the current marketplace, contact us directly for pricing and shipping details.

Antibody Tests

These "rapid" test kits are used to find whether or not the body has created antibodies specifically for COVID-19. These quick and easy to use tests will give you results within 10-15 minutes. We have access to multiple tests that have currently gained EUA FDA approval. We can take orders anywhere from 10-1 million test kits at a time. Contact us to get current pricing and shipping details.

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